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Well, if you are in search of a laptop that performs like a pro and has the most intelligent features in it yet still comes at an economical cost then the brand you should definitely opt for is Asus. Even in the past Asus successfully has made some groundbreaking launches in both the laptop and cellphone arena but it is their laptops which eventually won people’s hearts.

So once again Asus has forwarded its sheer expertise by bundling it up in its Asus Chromebook Flip. And if you are looking for some tip regarding what sort of laptop might suit you, then you surely should swing towards this new Asus Chromebook Flip.

Not only because of the fact that Asus Chromebook Flip in Australia comes swarming with next-gen features or premium stature with a gorgeous screen, but also because Asus Chromebook Flip price in Australia is what basically one would refer as economical.

Asus Chromebook being convertible 2-in-1 features a very classy look and performance aspects even at its tablet mode. In fact, the tablet mode is far more elegant than its original laptop form. Though, it is equally comfortable to use at its tactile keyboard mode or even in its tablet mode.

Even if you glance at its spec sheet, you would know in a second that it is hosting some of the most hardcore internal processors which push the laptop to its ultimate best and that’s why it has proudly made it to the list of best laptops of the year.   Even with competitors like Samsung and HP here, Asus Chromebook Flip has totally outshone itself with the level of proficient performance it delivers.

The design is also pretty catchy. Asus Chromebook Flip Australia is built from an all-aluminum chassis, and it has an anodized finish with a clean, no-nonsense aesthetic and it folds up to a nearly symmetrical slab of metal. Asus Chromebook Flip is exceptionally light and portable at just 2.6 pounds housing a 12.5-inch screen. In fact, it is the lightest Chromebook and one of the first convertible Chrome OS machines you’ll actually want to use in tablet mode.

The screen, however, hosts really pleasant viewing angles along with brilliant and vibrant color hues. The resolution is so magnificent that it’s almost unreal.

When you’re using it in laptop mode, its touchpad offers accurate tracking, two-finger scrolling while the keyboard is a solid one which makes it as familiar and comfortable as any traditional laptops through the keys offer a satisfying 1.4mm of crisp key travel that everyone has missed in a world of ever-slimmer notebooks.

Asus Chromebook Flip fully supports Google Play Store Android apps and is totally equipped to drive right into the Android ecosystem. You would literally love using Android apps in its tablet mode just as much as sitting down as a traditional Chromebook.

So just like we mentioned it earlier, Asus Chromebook Flip price in Australia isn’t going to be an issue because of it literally half as compared to other pricier brands.

- The Asus Chromebook Flip Price in Australia was obtained on July 20, 2019
- The Asus Chromebook Flip is available in many stores in Australia.
- The best price of Asus Chromebook Flip is $ N/A
- The price is valid in all major regions in Australia and cities like price in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth etc.
- Buy Asus Chromebook Flip online in Australia for the lowest price.
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