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The world has evolved so much and people have been so absorbed by it that they don’t pay a bit of attention to most of the things in their everyday routine life, even if those things are the most genius inventions of all time. For instance, the camera.

We all have phones that confine really good cameras on their front and rear ends. But have we ever really thought how much sweat and blood it took in the creation of the first camera of the world? Well, let’s not delve deeper into history. But when we say the word history and camera altogether in one sentence, nothing but Fujifilm comes into our minds. One fact that all of us are pretty well aware of is, that Fujifilm is an actual pioneer of the manufacture and evolvement of cameras.

You might remember Fujifilm from your childhood as the same small film camera. Well, just as everything has progressed, Fujifilm too has come a long way in the production of some exceptionally marvelous cameras like Fujifilm X-T3.

If you aren’t quite acquainted with X-T3 already then let us tell you that it is a quite modest upgrade in the prior model X-T1 which too was really impressive.

Fujifilm X-T3 comes with the brand new sensor, and exceptionally improved autofocus and very elevated video performance as well. Considering Fujifilm X-T3 Australia for your photography would be the right thing to do because it’s the best stills/video hybrids on the market.It is chiseled with Fujifilm’s latest 26 Megapixel X-Trans IV sensor and that’s what brings big improvements to autofocus (now across the entire frame), burst speed (up to 11fps mechanical or 30fps electronic), and especially to video (4k up to 60p with 10-bit internal recording).

The image quality of Fujifilm X-T3 is far more impressive than you thought especially in low ISO. It is amazingly well equipped to capture the exact textures, colors, and details that your eyes encounter in the real world. It also has two illumination modes to see the effect of different lighting conditions.

It comes with a rugged, weather-sealed camera body and along analog controls. It hosts a unique Dual-axis LCD, dual SD card slots with so much customizability. The LCD is touch enabled in Fujifilm X-T3 while the diopter correction knob is lockable in it. There has been a headphone socket added in it now and the USB connection is Type-C making things far more easy and convenient for you. The analog controls for exposure comp, shutter speed, and ISO are something exceptional in Fujifilm X-T3.

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