Microsoft Surface Book 2 (13.5-inch)

Microsoft Surface Book 2 (13.5-inch)

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Hearing the just the word Microsoft assures us to the core that something that is a pure blend of extravagance, beauty and innovation is about to be bestowed upon us. It’s not even a surprise to the company when their product comes out and becomes a global hot; it is a very normal routine thing for them because they cram every last bit of expertise in their laptops. And it wasn’t very long ago when we witnessed the launch of another subtle product of theirs, Microsoft Surface Book 2 in Australia.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Australia provides such an augmented experience which probably its larger sibling wasn’t able to procure and deliver. You would be quite appeased to see the fluidity in the device which comes with a promise of reliability. What worth knowing about this splendid laptop is, that it is anything but mediocre.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 is actually one of the most powerful 2-in-1 devices which doesn’t just come with a premium design and marvelous features but is also a wonderful showcase for Windows 10. Microsoft Surface Book 2 price in Australia might seem a bit rash for a fleeting second but once you are given the cognizance of all that lies within this particular gadget, you would be happy to spend your money over it.

The fact that this model of convertible laptop mixes together a sensible feature set and fanless design in a smaller size might impress you immensely. If you are under the impression that it is a less powerful version of the 15-inch model, then you have never been more wrong. In fact, this one is a much more powerful one and is built with top-notch components making sure that Microsoft Surface Book 2 outdoes itself in every scenario no matter what.

As far as the design is concerned, the 13.5-inch Surface Book 2 has the same size screen as the original which means the difference in the designs is even less obvious. At 312mm x 232mm x 13mm (12.3-inch x 9.14-inch x 0.51-inch), it’s thinner than its predecessor, which measured 14.13 x 9.73 x 0.71 inches or 359 x 247 x 18mm, and it weighs 164.2kg (3.62 pounds), compared to the original’s 2.04kg (4.49 pounds). Being a fanless one makes Microsoft Surface Book 2 a thinner, lighter, powerful and highly silent while working.

The battery has always been customer’s primary concern while buying a laptop, so Microsoft has put their sweat and blood in making the battery life a standout feature of the Surface Book 2, and it has so far succeeded because it comes with a stated battery life of up to 17 hours of video playback. And even in tablet mode, its battery life will prevail longer than your anticipation.

So yes, check out Microsoft Surface Book 2 prices now and make sure you get your hands on the most versatile and incredibly powerful 2-in-1 laptop. Don’t wait too long because you’d be making a very wise decision spending money on this one.

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