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Whenever we hear the name Microsoft being relative to any device, we don’t even waste a fleeting thought in having the reckoning that this particular product would be nothing but ultimate best and would be of finest quality to ever exist. It’s the very custom of Microsoft especially through their laptops, they give the user a peculiar aura of supremacy crammed inside their laptops

We all pretty well witnessed what an excellently intelligent and novel device Microsoft Surface Laptop was, from the very top to bottom. And now is the time to get ready to have your hands on its much awaited sequel which is exactly as advanced and much more technologically enriched,because the company has proudly boasted their furthermore expertise tucked inside Microsoft Surface Laptop 2.Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 in Australia came out sometime in the second half of 2018, but you can find it with far lesser annoyance or hassle right here at our page and at even more feasible Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 prices in Australia.

It provides a much more augmented, pure and a powerful Windows 10 experience than the original Surface Laptop. This wasn’t in fact the only reason why Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 was on the top of ‘Best Laptops you can buy in 2018’.

It comes with a 13.5-inch display which is unusual for it but people with tasks to do really appreciate the taller 3:2 aspect ratio in it, though It’s just as thin and light as before, 0.57 inches (14.48mm) and 2.76 pounds (1.25kg), respectively and this could serve as a great news for mobile-dependent people because now they can carry it portably everywhere they want.

One very noticeable change was that the Surface Laptop 2 has an all-black color variant now that looks absolutely beautiful, and feels fantastic to boot. Something that is another worth lauding change is that they have made the Surface Laptop 2 keyboard quieter than before, and have confidently made claims that this has to be among the most silent keyboards they’ve ever tested. For the touchpad, it is said that it’s a sharp tracking device that’s quite responsive, spacious and smooth. The inputs are made much nicer by the Alcantara fabric which surrounds them and gives us something more pleasant to rest your hands on than aluminum.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2  Australia comes with a bunch of many bold claims set forth by the company alongside their product regarding its performance aspects, like this version is 85% more powerful than the first because Microsoft has introduced Intel quad-core processors on them. And has totally reformed the electrics within the laptop, reducing the need for cooling fans to activate when the system is under load and therefore ensure a lesser chance of throttling.

The battery life of this laptop is something worth boasting about because it is prevalent enough to last for 14 hours and 30 minutes without a single buffer.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 price in Australia immediately and place an order!

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