LG Mobile in Australia

Not satisfied with Apple or Samsung looking out for greater variety and possibilities? Well LG smartphones might be your option then. Featuring an innovative series of smartphones with top-notch features designed to make you stayed connected 24/7, discovering the world through a different lens and getting the first-hand experience of revolutionary filmmaking. 

We offer you LG mobiles supporting these features and much more just a click of a button away. Get to experience HDR OLED display, sharp colors, great clarity giving vibrant resolution and picture. Great cinematic capabilities, innovative camera lens, Military tested, waterproof and much more that defines an LG mobile to you.

To test out these features in a variety of models available at our site.

LG G7 Thinq, LG V35 Thinq, LG K30, LG style, LG Aristo 2 plus and much more; all options available for you to choose from. Whether straight, flexible or curved there is an LG mobile to suit each and everyone’s needs.

You will get to see different smartphones in different price ranges. LG mobile prices in Australia and LG mobile prices in Australia are not much different and you will find multitude products in every price range. So explore through our complete collection of LG mobiles and choose the one that fits you perfectly.