5 Best Shapewear brands in Australia

The biggest dream of all the women around the world is to rock every type of dress and clothing they put on and look flawless no matter what.

But some women aren’t very lucky to have that sort of diva body shape or curves which they can proudly show off in glorious dresses.  Well, fret not because the solution to that is quite simple –Shapewear!

It is all about decent shapewear which can entirely change the way you look. It can totally smooth out your curves and give a boost in your confidence and then you can wear whatever you want with supremacy and confidence.

Here we have discussed 5 best shapewear brands that you can get your hands on in Australia and that are fully capable of making you look impeccably toned.

  1. SPANX:

Spanx would continue to serve by as the biggest shapewear brand worldwide and in Australia probably till the end of the time. The company specifically focuses on shaping briefs and leggings which would make you appear thinner, your body parts toned and your silhouette an impeccable one.

  1. BENDON:

They offer quite a classic sense of style and simplicity in their shapewear. The most notable product that they propounded was their waist-control underwear which will give you quite a toned shape and even cut off a few inches of your belly only to give you a smoother silhouette. Their products are made with the pure quality of nylon and elastin and aren’t very overly expensive either.


This company offers their infamous ‘the all over slip dress’ which is quite a smart choice since it sculpts your entire silhouette. Nancy Ganz uses the latest fabric technology to provide you with an immaculate shape yet full of comfort and this is solely why its Australia’s one of the most favorite shapewear brands.


It is another renowned Australian brand which quite well knows how to make some quality pieces of shapewear. Their seamless shapewear line is something worth spending money on because it quite flawlessly gives you a diva body.


  1. AMBRA:

If you dreamt of smoothing out your thighs, hips, tummy, and midriff, then Ambra would serve you the best. Their star product power light thigh shaper short became everyone’s ultimate favorite right after coming out. Ambra shapewear comes with decent affordability along with a promise of comfort.

So, now you know that you can pull off anything with complete confidence and without even a pinch of hesitation. And even the most renowned celebrities have openly admitted putting on shapewear to pull off their sexy dresses, then why shan’t you?

Free yourself from any vexation and chill out because these shapewear brands have made sure you always look your ultimate flawless self in any dress you put on after wearing these.

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