Apple iPhone XR Review, Price in Australia and Release Date

iPhone XR is the latest new offering by Apple to bring its lineup according to iPhone X standards. Its being offered for a price 250$ lesser than the iPhone XS max and its pretty impressive. A lot of people had been holding back in buying iPhone XS max and iPhone XS just because they wanted to see what iPhone XR is all about and the wait is over. There are plenty of some “signature” features if you’d want to call it, including face ID and the new A12 bionic chip is in there as well and the glass back facilitating wireless charging is the cherry on top. The colors are a major attraction as well. iPhone XR comes in black, white, red, yellow, blue and coral; there’s a little something for everyone in here. The unavoidable trade-off comes in the form of the screen though. The screen is not the same as the other two OLED displays and it’s a 6.1 inch liquid retina display. It’s not without bezels but it’s not ugly either. It still manages to make up for a decent looking phone. Though the iPhone XR has a single camera only, it still comes with the impressive smart HDR present in both iPhone XS and iPhone XS max. It’s important to note that while iPhone XR does not sound very impressive on paper, it is impressive when we actually compare it with the rest of the iPhone line up. iPhone XR’s greatest benefit is the price point Apple is selling it at. The last phone Apple had in this price point was iPhone 8 and it had a lesser screen utilization, no A12 bionic chip and a lot of other features that iPhone XR promises, plus the fact that it is the latest in Apple’s line up and well, if you’re one to flex around a little that you’ve got the latest iPhone; this might be it for you. 750$ is still a huge amount of money and in the android world, there are a lot more features that might come along the phone in this amount, but then again, Apple is Apple, and Android is Android. The comparisons are endless but at some point you just realize that they are just as futile. There’s a user base for android and certain for iPhone. One of the reasons Apple might have not included the OLED screen on the iPhone XR could also be because they had to sell their flagships, the iPhone XS and  XS max, and the OLED screen is a big deal for some people. But Apple is still assuming that their sales for iPhone XR would be the highest, and we think the same too. There are reports that Apple has increased its production of the iPhone XR considering the influx of demand that they’ll see.

The A12 bionic chip:

The A12 bionic chip is by far the most advanced chip to be installed in a smart phone and it is truly a great feature for the iPhone XR. It promises upto 50% faster graphics performance, upto 15% faster cores, upto 50% lower power usage in efficiency cores, 8 core neural engine, enhanced signal processer and advanced performance controller. It uses real time machine learning to ensure that it makes the user experience extremely better, and transform the way you do gaming, listen to music, watch movies on your phone.

The camera:

iPhone has always been big on the camera performance front, a lot of its users actually prefer iPhone because of the outstanding camera. Only recently has it seen several competitors in the market such as the much talked about pixel 2 and its successor, pixel 3. The other major smartphone brands are now giving Apple a tough competition but Apple has stayed put and introduced new features such as the smart HDR technology that makes the photography experience just so much easier and better. The iPhone XR comes with a single camera compared to the two lens of the other two flagship phones it has launched this year but that’s not that bad of a trade-off considering the low price point iPhone XR has and the camera is still quite good, hence the compromise is not that big.

The portrait mode in the previous iPhone models was not really much appreciated because it was never that good but it has improved so much over the last few years. The iPhone XR also offers portrait mode. It uses machine learning and a single lens camera to keep people in the foreground in sharp focus and blur out the background in an artful way. The depth of field can also be adjusted in portraits after the photo is taken. There’s also a better depth and shadow detail in the pictures thanks to the smart HDR technology.

The Face ID:

Apple’s face ID has been pretty effective and secure. It uses advanced machine learning to learn and recognize changes in the facial features and it is pretty adaptive to some changes you might make in your appearance, works even if you’re wearing a hat or sunglasses.  Face ID also works with the apps you already have in your use including banking and health apps. The invisible infrared light makes it easier to identify your face even when it’s dark and it’s one of the reasons that Apple and has to keep the notch, because not only the front camera, but also the dot projector, infrared camera, and flood illuminator, all the things necessary for facial recognition and situated on the phone’s notch. Therefore as long as apple does not find a way to put these under the glass scree, the notch is going to stay. But considering the fact that under glass finger print scanners are now becoming a feature in the android phones, it’s not too unrealistic to imagine that this notch will be gone in a few years based on the rate the technology sis growing these days, especially in the smartphone industry.

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