Apple iPhone XS Max Review, Price in Australia and Launch

iPhone XS max is a tricky name, to begin with but let’s dive straight into what this new Apple phone has to offer. The smartphone market has become extremely competitive, new features are being introduced every day, new technologies are being developed and incorporated into the phones at a rate never witnessed before. Just recently we saw the technology of under screen fingerprint scanner and Huawei mate 20 has integrated it already, and Oneplus 6 is rumored to have it as a feature too. This just shows how quickly things have become. In this race of being the best smartphone, Apple has its distinct position. People associate Apple as being the trendsetter, we all saw this with the no headphone jack policy Apple went ahead with, and although there were a lot of people against it, we now see almost all the major brands, not including a headphone jack in their premier phones. This just goes to show the kind of influence Apple holds over the market.

The Basics:

iPhone XS max weighs 208g and comes with a stainless steel frame, and a glass back that facilitates in wireless charging. It has a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and has an 84.4% screen to body ratio.

The Battery life:

While Apple considers great quality as a standard for all its products, they’ve had to admit this time around that their new phones iPhone XS and iPhone XS max were shipped with some issues. The issues were mostly related to battery charging, the phones worked fine with wireless charging but when you charge it with the cable, some of the phones will not start charging immediately unless you turn on the display, some of them won’t charge at all and similar discrepancies were found. Thanks to modern technology, nothing stays unheard of for very long and a blunder this big obviously had to see the light of the day as the fault was pretty common among most of their devices. Apple had to take notice of it and fix it, and credit goes to them that they did so. The new iOS update fixes the charging issue indicating that that issue was indeed software related and not hardware.

However, the battery is still a concerning issue in the iPhone XS max. For a phone that has max in its name and is being promoted as the best Apple has had to offer yet, and most expensive too, you would expect it to have some better battery timing maybe. Comparisons with its major competitor Samsung’s note 9 reveal that note 9 had better battery timing than iPhone XS max. Now we’re aware that note 9 has a 4000 mAh battery and iPhone XS max comes with a 3174 mAh battery but that’s only a 20 percent difference. A questionable difference though, Apple could have gone with a bigger battery but it is what it is. Moreover, Note 9 has a higher resolution display that demands more battery power and note 9’s Snapdragon 845 chipset is not as efficient as the new A12 bionic chip designed by Apple.

Water resistance: iPhone XS max is IP 68 water resistant which to be honest, isn’t that big of an improvement from iPhone X’s IP 67. In layman’s language, the iPhone XS Max can be submerged to a depth of up to two meters for 30 minutes without suffering any damage. Apple claims it’s tested the protection in a number of liquids, including salt water, chlorinated water, milk, wine, and beer. But the weird part is that Apple doesn’t actually cover any ‘liquid contact damage’ in its warranty. This lack of coverage for damage basically means that Apple won’t cover any losses if the liquid resistance fails on your iPhone XS max, something other phone manufacturers actually do offer. Therefore it’s not suggested that you go ahead with testing your phone’s liquid resistance without any reason.

The headphone jack:

The headphone jack is gone for good from the iPhones. The iPhone XS max comes along with a pair of Apple ear pods with a lightning connector which if you do connect with your phone, you’ll not be able to connect the charging cable simultaneously. However if you can afford a charging pad, the iPhone XS max does support wireless charging and you can then plug in the ear pods and charge your phone at the same time.

The Dual Sim:

Apple iPhone XS max and iPhone XS have a new feature that the previous iPhones did not have, but Android users have long been used to this. The handset is Dual sim enabled. Now, this might not be the most useful of features to people in North America and regular iPhone users, but the mere induction of this feature indicates which markets Apple is actually looking to get in. The dual sim is pretty popular in the subcontinent and China and it might be that this is Apple’s move to make expand its market tactfully.

The camera:

iPhone used to be much ahead of everyone else when it came to the camera, a lot of its buyers actually preferred it over other phones because of its camera. But the trend is changed now, with note 9 and Google’s pixel taking the lead. The camera is still pretty impressive, especially with the new Smart HDR technology in the new iPhones. The differences in camera quality are mostly related to the image processing and how the AI deals with it. There’s a sentiment among the iPhone XS max users that the overall quality of images is great but in certain pictures from the front camera are overly processed, to the point that it looks unreal or has some sort of beauty mode turned on by default.

iPhone XS max is the best update for those who previously owned an iPhone. It surely is the best that Apple has to offer right now, but does it have the best of the best features that a lot of Apple’s competitors in the android market are offering? Or the ones that Google’s flagship phone called Pixel is offering? Probably not. It’s all up to what you prefer.

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