Top 10 Athleisure brands to buy in Australia

Well if you aren’t already acquainted with the word ‘Athleisure’ let us clear your head about it. When we said that this article is about top 10 athleisure brands to buy in Australia we certainly hope that you didn’t connote it with something as a leisure time activity. We meant that hereby we shall give you a thorough guide regarding which brands are best to buy in Australia while you perform your athletics or workout.

  1. ADIDAS:

Being one of the biggest sports and athleisure brands in the world it is worldwide distributed widely among 160 countries. It includes separate workout clotheslines for men, women, and children and has made it its ultimate mission to maintain its spot as the top sportswear brand.

  1. PUMA:

The race between Adidas and Puma has always been going on since the dawn of the time. Puma offers women’s, men’s and kid’s athleisure and has a range that will satisfy even the pickiest customer.

  1. NIKE:

Nike is probably the most globally-celebrated athleisure brand of the world and has become the core choice of many renowned celebrities as well and this serves as the biggest evidence of why Nike is the most brilliant one among all.


If you are a beach-goer-yoga-lover type of person than this is the brand for you. Not just they stock women’s and men’s athletic clothing but also yoga mats, bags, headbands, water bottles, scarves, and gloves.

  1. REEBOK:

Reebok might be one the most heard sportswear name and not for a bad reason. The sort of clothing they offer for both men and women its standard and quality is unmatchable.

  1. E. NATION:

Even though it was just founded in 2016 by Pip Edwards, P.E. Nation quickly became renowned for merging fashion and sport through its trademark eye-catching garments.


You might have seen this brand plastered over Instagram influencers and youtubers. It is uncanny how quickly GymShark company is growing and has lurched forward itself in the race of top best athleisure brands of Australia.


Lorna Jane might be probably one of the most well-known Australian women’s athleisure brands because it’s the one you’re most likely to find within the walls of your local Shopping Centre. The reason why they are such a people’s favorite is that they have a whole maternity collection too for women who still want to rock their athleisure while pregnant.


Under Armour not just offers athleisure in all a vast variety but also shoes and accessories like backpacks and headgear which is what makes it your top pick when you want to go for heavy and serious exercise


This athleisure brand embodies everything Aussie – and it should, because it came to be on the shores of our very own Bondi Beach. This brand not just stocks athleisure and street clothes but also features various sports accessories as well.

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